7 Myths Of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Read NOW!

As a professional educator in prevention of childhood sexual abuse, I receive a lot of questions from the general public. These questions come to me in innocent form and are products of people being misinformed or coming up with their own incorrect perceptions and myths of childhood sexual abuse. I will address a few of these myths with the hope of helping people move forward by being better informed. It is so important for all of us, as a society, to get a better handle on the myths of childhood sexual abuse.

Myth #1: This cannot happen in my family.

Fact #1: It can happen in any family. 90% of victims of sexual abuse are abused by someone they know. In fact, the younger the victim, the more likely the abuser is a family member. Of those sexually abusing a child under six, 50% were family members.

Myth #2: More homosexuals sexually abuse children than heterosexuals.

Fact #2: Both homosexuals and heterosexuals sexually abuse children; not one more than the other.

Myth #3: People that sexually abuse children are not married.

Fact #3: Situational offenders often have a general preference for adult partners. They tend to offend at times of stress, have fewer victims than pedophiles, and often target family members.

Myth #4: Women are not perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Fact #4: Both women and men sexually abuse children. It is reported that around 80% of men and 20% of women are incarcerated for sexual abuse offenses; however, some experts claim that number is skewed and believe there is a higher number of women offenders that are not being reported due to societal norms.

Myth #5: All victims of sexual abuse become abusers themselves.

Fact #5: It is true that some victims will go on to become abusers themselves; however, the likelihood of this happening decreases with appropriate treatment, counseling, and support. Also, the survivors of sexual abuse can go on to become some of the best advocates out there for children.

Myth #6: Adults are at higher risk for victimization/rape than children.

Fact #6: 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 and under. 44% of rapes with penetration occur to children under age 18 (Darkness to Light, 2014).

Myth #7: Adults are the only ones sexually abusing children.

Fact #7: 40% of the children that are sexually abused are abused by older and/or more powerful children. These offenders are more likely to offend at schools, in groups, and have more male victims.

Let’s continue to learn more and spread this education and knowledge like a wildfire.

The more our society understands the facts surrounding childhood sexual abuse, the higher our chances will be of putting an end to it.


Jennifer Hillman is a licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the award-winning educational DVD, “The Five B’s”, mother of two and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches and in schools.

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  1. One of the main arguments that I have always heard for people being against homosexuals is that allowing them to adopt kids will lead to sexual abuse. However, I find it very interesting to know that both homosexuals and heterosexuals participate in such acts and that not one does so more than the other. Yet, do you think that you could please show me what statistics that fact is based on? I always like to go off of statistics on things like this.

  2. Jennifer Hillman says:


    Thank you for writing and asking such an important question. I do need to go back through my blogs and cite everything. I too, like to go off of statistics. This is where I received the information. I would love to hear back from you if you have any conflicting research or have anything to add.

    Jenny, Carole, Roesler, Thomas A. , Poyer, Kimberly L. (1994) Are children at risk for sexual abuse by homosexuals? Pediatrics, Vol. 94 No. 1, pp. 41-44.

    Kindest Regards,

    Jen Hillman


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