5 Reasons Christians Make Easy Targets for Sexual Abuse

Due to personal circumstances, I delved into reading numerous books about child sexual abuse before I started this ministy. Even though I knew more than the average person because of my background, there were many things I learned along the way and many more I am still learning.

One fact I learned while doing my research was: Christians make easy targets when it comes to child sexual abuse

Here is why:

1. Christians are taught to love your neighbor as yourself.

2. Christians are taught to forgive one another.

3. Christians are taught to be kind to one another.

4. Christians are taught to practice love – even toward the enemy.

5. Christians are taught to not judge.

Given these reasons, Christians have a difficult time when it comes to the conflict of preventing sexual abuse.

Why? Because sexual abuse will most likely be by someone the child knows and trusts – meaning the parents know and trust the older child or adult that is molesting/abusing too.

After reading the book, Not Monsters, by Pamela D. Schultz, I was shocked by what some sexual predators were reporting from their jail cells. Some said Christians are easy targets due to their trusting natures and willingness to forgive.

One man proclaimed how a Christian family allowed him to stay at their home for a while and he sexually abused their son because of the access he had – sometimes in the back seat of the car while the parents were driving up front. The son eventually told the parents. The sexual perpetrator told them he was truly sorry and asked for forgiveness. Then, he reports the same family let him continue to stay because they knew he was a good person and repented for his sins. Surely, you can guess what happened next?

My Christian friends, please understand that setting boundaries is showing more love than not setting boundaries. The abuser enjoys it when parents are easily fooled and manipulated to believe otherwise. Children need us to be their voice and take a stand for their rights and bodies – no matter who is involved.

If someone we love has shown signs of grooming or has already sexually abused a child, then we must make sure to love the sexual predator enough to keep them from having one-on-one time with any child (along with many other boundaries). We can also show them truth in love by having an honest dialogue about what red flags we have seen and the concern we have.

Is this hard? Is this messy? Absolutely – but, our children are worth protecting and so worth the hard conversations.

Let’s be the whole package of what God calls us to be by using our education. By extending love to our neighbor as ourselves – which, includes honest and messy dialogue sometimes. By forgiving – yet not forgetting concerning behavior. By extending kindness – even when speaking the truth in love. By loving our enemy enough to keep them safe too – because child sexual abuse is against the law. By not judging. And by setting boundaries.

A great book for more guidelines on the biblical perspective of boundary setting is the book, Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It is a must read!

What may be other reasons Christians are easy targets? Comment below!


Jennifer Hillman is a licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the AWARD-WINNING educational DVD, “The Five B’s”, mother of two and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches and in schools.

For more information on this topic and the AWARD-WINNING educational DVD on empowering children about body safety in order to prevent sexual abuse, go to www.baileybeebelieves.com.


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