The Five B’s Brock Turner Should Have Been Taught…

In a Stanford land, not to far from here,
There was a frat party with young kids, music and beer.
A young man, Brock Turner, made the ultimate choice,
And it was he that chose to try and silence a voice.

Little did he know, the survivor he got ahold,
Was more than a cardigan, was more than the standard mold.
She was brave and courageous, the bravest of them all,

She chose to stand and to dare not fall.

But, then we read the letter – the letter from his dad,
And we all began to realize just how the privileged swimmer got to be bad.
There is a saying, we all know it too well,
The apple didn’t fall far from the tree is the one ringing a bell.

Parents all over are beginning to think.
We begin to look at our own children and ask, “How do we not let them sink?”
How do we raise our boys to respect our girls?
And how do we protect our girls from the victim swirl?

There is always a silver-lining in every story I know.

Sometimes we must look a little further to figure out how we grow.
We must start today and not waste another second.
We must gather our littles to empower them, don’t ya’ reckon?

The five B’s we can teach them are the most basic of all,
Body Parts and Boundaries are what we can encourage as they begin to crawl.
Boundaries we can teach with hula-hoops, you see.
It works both ways and we must respect other’s space just as other’s should respect me.

Then comes Be Brave – Yell and Tell, it’s easier than we believe.
We can get megaphones and teach littles to speak loudly to achieve.
The fourth B is Bust Secrets, because secrets have little power –
But, when we become vulnerable to tell the story, it’s the one thing that will shift the cultural hour.

The last and final B wraps it all up.
Be Bold and Believe is a great reminder for the grown-ups.
Survivors of rape and abuse are not lying to gain attention.
They are bravely speaking out trying to stop the cyclical tension.

So, survivors all around the globe, I stand with you right now.
And, I pray the world will begin to unite against sexual crimes somehow.
The hope is there, I can visualize the gift.

And as a mother of two daughters, I am grateful for this cultural shift.


Jennifer Hillman is a licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the educational DVD, “The Five B’s”, mother of two and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches and in schools.


Bailey Bee Believes
"This informative DVD empowers our children and teaches valuable life lessons; Bailey Bee makes it fun.

Jennifer’s goal to raise awareness of sexual abuse for families with small children is right on target."


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