The Company

Determined to make a difference, Jennifer established her company, Bailey Bee Believes, LLC, in September 2012. While her company stands strong on the fact that it is an adult responsibility to prevent sexual abuse, she also understands and is passionate about part of that adult responsibility being to educate children in an appropriate manner according to their age.
The company’s first DVD, “Bailey Bee Believes in Me, The Five B’s” is exactly what every parent/educator needs to facilitate them in educating their children, from 2-6 years of age. The DVD can become the bridge for parents/educators to watch with their children/students so that they can begin the conversation about this taboo subject.
The ultimate goal of Bailey Bee Believes, LLC, is to Educate, Encourage, and Empower adults and children to ensure that sexual abuse becomes a subject of our past.  


Bailey Bee Believes
"This informative DVD empowers our children and teaches valuable life lessons; Bailey Bee makes it fun.

Jennifer’s goal to raise awareness of sexual abuse for families with small children is right on target."


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