The Five B’s Brock Turner Should Have Been Taught…

In a Stanford land, not to far from here, There was a frat party with young kids, music and beer. A young man, Brock Turner, made the ultimate choice, And it was he that chose to try and silence a voice. Little did he know, the survivor he got ahold, Was more than a cardigan, was more than the standard mold. She was brave and courageous, the bravest of them all, She chose to stand and to dare not fall. But, then we read the letter – the letter from his dad, And we all began to realize just how the privileged swimmer got to be bad. There is a saying,… Continue Reading

4 Crucial Steps when Hiring a Babysitter

April = Child Abuse Prevention Month Let’s face it. We all need babysitters. And goodness gracious, this can be a daunting task – because we all know: 90% of children who are sexually abused are abused by someone they know. As the parents and protectors, we must take critical steps when finding someone to watch our most precious gifts. Tip #7: – 4 Crucial Steps when Hiring a Babysitter:  1. Have them fill out an application. 2. Do a background check and call at least 3 references. If they can’t provide references, note it as a problem. If the references they provide are hesitant – problem, check. 3. Ask tough… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Christians Make Easy Targets for Sexual Abuse

Due to personal circumstances, I delved into reading numerous books about child sexual abuse before I started this ministy. Even though I knew more than the average person because of my background, there were many things I learned along the way and many more I am still learning. One fact I learned while doing my research was: Christians make easy targets when it comes to child sexual abuse.  Here is why: 1. Christians are taught to love your neighbor as yourself. 2. Christians are taught to forgive one another. 3. Christians are taught to be kind to one another. 4. Christians are taught to practice love – even toward the… Continue Reading

What If Your Son Was Josh Duggar? Please Watch Video

  As we all have learned by now, Josh Duggar has admitted to molesting five girls (some of which are his own sisters). So, I have to ask, what if our son was Josh Duggar, would we know what to do? While this type of abuse is going on all around us, this particular case brings child sexual abuse to the forefront and advocates everywhere have the chance to chime in on how this could have been handled differently in order to protect the victims. It is also a chance to point out the crucial aspects society is somehow missing: 1) Child sexual abuse is most likely committed by someone the child knows… Continue Reading

The Five B’s – Prevent Sexual Abuse Today

  Most of the time when I speak to groups, talking about how to educate our children about the anatomical names for private parts can be such a daunting task for adults. Please watch this video on why we must start educating our children at very young ages about this to prevent sexual abuse. I promise, once you realize that is not a big deal, it won’t be – and your children won’t think it is either! Also, stay tuned to see how you can win our AWARD-WINNING educational DVD program 🙂 And here is a sweet video of my baby initiating discussion about her private parts at a very… Continue Reading

Divorced Parents – Children at Higher Risk for Sexual Abuse

  It is to be noted that children with divorced parents are at a 20% higher risk to be sexually abused than children living with their biological parents. This video discusses the importance of educating children that have divorced parents about The Five B’s and/or other resources to prevent sexual abuse.   Jennifer Hillman is a licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the AWARD-WINNING educational DVD, “The Five B’s”, mother of two and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches and in schools. For more information on this topic and the AWARD-WINNING educational DVD on empowering children about body safety in order to prevent… Continue Reading

Homeschoolers – 5 Reasons To Adore Them

  **Please watch video for the winner from the Great Homeschool Convention!** This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity as a speaker and exhibitor at the Great Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas. I will freely admit that I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through those doors, and I didn’t know if anyone would be ready to hear what I had to say about preventing child sexual abuse. I was just hoping that one person would come by our booth and that one person would show up for my speaking engagement. Well, after the weekend was wrapped up, let’s just say that I was overwhelmed and… Continue Reading

7 Myths Of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Read NOW!

As a professional educator in prevention of childhood sexual abuse, I receive a lot of questions from the general public. These questions come to me in innocent form and are products of people being misinformed or coming up with their own incorrect perceptions and myths of childhood sexual abuse. I will address a few of these myths with the hope of helping people move forward by being better informed. It is so important for all of us, as a society, to get a better handle on the myths of childhood sexual abuse. Myth #1: This cannot happen in my family. Fact #1: It can happen in any family. 90% of… Continue Reading

Sleepovers – 9 Steps Parents Must Take

  Sleepovers or no sleepovers – that is the question! Here are 9 steps if we choose to allow them: 1. Educate ourselves about child sexual abuse and what that looks like. For example, one out of ten children will be sexually abused by 18 years of age and 90% of the children who are abused are abused by someone they know. 2. Educate our children about “The Five B’s”: • Body Parts: children must be able to verbally use the correct anatomical names for Body Parts (yes, this includes vagina and penis) • Boundaries: children must be able to understand their physical Boundaries and that no one is allowed… Continue Reading

Should We Allow Sleepovers?

Jennifer Hillman is a mother of two, licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the award-winning educational DVD, “The Five B’s”, and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches, and in schools. For more information on this topic and Bailey Bee Believes® award-winning educational DVD on empowering children about body safety to prevent sexual abuse, go to


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