5 Reasons Christians Make Easy Targets for Sexual Abuse

Due to personal circumstances, I delved into reading numerous books about child sexual abuse before I started this ministy. Even though I knew more than the average person because of my background, there were many things I learned along the way and many more I am still learning. One fact I learned while doing my research was: Christians make easy targets when it comes to child sexual abuse.  Here is why: 1. Christians are taught to love your neighbor as yourself. 2. Christians are taught to forgive one another. 3. Christians are taught to be kind to one another. 4. Christians are taught to practice love – even toward the… Continue Reading


Bailey Bee Believes
"This informative DVD empowers our children and teaches valuable life lessons; Bailey Bee makes it fun.

Jennifer’s goal to raise awareness of sexual abuse for families with small children is right on target."


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