The Importance of Teaching the B, Bust Secrets

After your children have a better understanding about their Body Parts, setting Boundaries, and how to Be Brave: Yell and Tell, then we move onto our next B, which is Bust Secrets. Because predators use highly manipulative behavior in order to keep a child quiet, which includes secrets, then we must teach our children that nobody is allowed to tell us secrets and we aren’t allowed to tell secrets either. We must first be very specific and explain to the child that a secret is when someone tells us something and then asks us not to tell anyone, ever (they may say, “This is our little secret”). One way to… Continue Reading

Why We Must Educate Our Children About Basic Boundaries

The second B we must teach our child is Boundaries. Boundaries are a big topic; however, for this age group we need to keep it pretty basic. Children must understand first where their space begins and where it ends (AKA physical boundaries). While working with children who had been sexually abused, we often used hula-hoops as tools for setting boundaries. You may use a hula-hoop, colorful tape, a sheet, blanket, or outdoor chalk to create boundaries on any floor space. Children are very visual and will enjoy learning about setting boundaries by using any of these materials. You can simply lay the hula-hoop on the ground and have your child… Continue Reading

Educating About Body Parts to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Before I even begin to type about this subject, I sort of giggle inside. I used to get frustrated or downright mad about people who didn’t understand that teaching children the correct anatomical names for their private parts was age appropriate. But now, it has just become kind of funny. The subject is far from funny; however, me being the one explaining it has become the funny part. If you knew me at all, you would agree that I would be the least likely person in the entire world to be discussing the importance of teaching children (as early as 6 months of age) that boys have a penis and… Continue Reading

Teaching Children ‘The Five B’s’ to Prevent Sexual Abuse

I’m hoping my previous blogs have made you more aware of the dangers of child sexual abuse and provided you with a high level of education to better prepare you to begin taking the necessary steps to educate and train your children and any children in your care to protect themselves against sexual abuse. In no way are we condoning that you can educate and train your children and no longer be an active participant in determining what is best for your child. We are saying that preventing child sexual abuse requires sharing knowledge (even if at first it makes us uncomfortable) with children. Preventing sexual abuse is an adult… Continue Reading

Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree at the age of 22, I was hired by a local hospital to work at their mental health unit for children and adolescents with emotional and mental health issues. The unit was a residential facility so the consumers could be there for months at a time. As you can imagine, there were times I loved the difference I was trying to make in their lives and other times when the stress level and chaos were overwhelming. My initial placement was on one of the units housing adolescents. But, after just a few months, I was relocated to the STARS unit. The STARS unit was… Continue Reading

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Since you have come to the realization that someone you know, love, and trust may be a sexual predator, it is time to add and store more information to your file folder. While this may be a lot to take in, I plan to give you a little information each week to build your folder with necessary information to ultimately protect your children and other children from child sexual abuse. This week, we will define what child sexual abuse is. Most people probably have a general idea; however, there are some forms of child sexual abuse that many people do not categorize as such. Child sexual abuse includes types of… Continue Reading

Sexual Abuse Prevention…The Dreaded Question

Now that we have addressed the subject of denial, we can move to the backside of your folder. If you remember, I asked you to write the word ‘paranoid’ on the back of your folder and cross it out. I feel like this is a word that gets mentioned a lot when discussing child sexual abuse and it’s a word we need to define as we move forward in our discussions. According to Wikipedia, paranoia is defined as: “a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a… Continue Reading

The Toxic Chemical of Denial

In my previous blog, I spoke about the need for each of you to make a file folder in your mind to store everything you learn about sexual abuse inside of it. When you need to pull it out of your brain for information, and the alarming statistics indicate you will, you are more apt to act to help a child vs. getting so bogged down you freeze and watch time stand still. After all, a child who is being groomed, or is, or has been sexually abused deserves us to act swiftly to protect them. If you haven’t done so, please write down the word ‘Denial’ on the front… Continue Reading

Sexual Abuse Prevention: Step in the Middle

While watching my daughters play house and pretend to protect their baby dolls, I am reminded of my never-ending role as a mother to protect them. Unfortunately, that includes protecting them from sexual predators. As citizens of this nation, we should make it our ultimate goal to end sexual abuse so that our children, grandchildren, and future generations do not have to worry about the next child becoming another statistic. Just thinking about what has to occur for that to happen, can be overwhelming. But, we can empower ourselves to believe that WE CAN be bigger than the darkness. One way to be bigger is to break down what needs… Continue Reading


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